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    “Champions 111” Ltd. (240420647) (hereinafter referred to as Company) offers real money games at www.EUROPEBET.COM. Present terms and rules are intended for the games and bets on real money.

    Conditions of this service offer are the legal agreement between you (player) and “Champions 111” Ltd. We ask you to read the below conditions carefully before you register at www.EUROPEBET.COM or use the relevant software (“program”) for playing on real money.

    Company acts pursuant to the legislation of Georgia. Thereby, Company operates on the permissions issued by the Revenue Service of the Ministry of Finances of Georgia and provides gambling and commercial games through systematic – electronic form at www.EUROPEBET.COM .

    Company owns the following permissions:

    • Betting house license #19-05/157, issued in March 17, 2014
    • Gambling House/Casino license # 19-04/20, issued in December 24, 2013

    Please read the present agreement carefully and be assured that you fully acknowledge the content. From time to time, Company reserves the right to change the present license agreement, general rules and conditions. Player will be warned about any such significant change while using the Company software. Present license agreement and General Rules and Conditions apply with Company as well as with the player. By pressing the button “I AGREE”, player declares that every time he/she enters the company software system, he/she fully acknowledges license agreement, general rules and conditions and principles of company software system functioning.

    Player agrees to play pursuant to the below given conditions: company delivers to the player a personal, indefinite license to use company software and internet gambling services, which must not be delegated to the third person. Player can use the software on any computer, where he acts as a principal player. Company reserves the right to annul the present license agreement without prior warning. Player cannot copy software connected with the company software system or written materials. Player doesn’t have right to change the project, copy, delete, modify, translate, try to discover the initial code or create own products, which is based on software system. Company software system, including the name, images, graphics, photos, animation, video, music, audio, texts and software are protected by Copyright and Contiguous Rights Law. Any unauthorized copying, change/replacement or spreading is strictly forbidden and person at default bears responsibility under the legislation. Player gives his consent to bear unilateral responsible person for using the company software system with personal pseudonym/nickname and password. Player is obliged to protect the confidentiality of own nickname and password. In case of unauthorized use of nickname and password, responsibility is imposed only on the player and such use is deemed as his deed. Commercial usage of the company software system is strictly forbidden. Player is authorized to bet only for own entertainment. Before the player enters the company software system, he is obliged to read the gambling legislation of the country governing this software system for revealing the limitations and act correspondingly (taking them into account). Player fully acknowledges and approves that the result/outcome is determined by random number generator. Money on player’s account is used for betting on games. Company reserves the right to reject the bet or limit it. Player is restricted to make a bet, if amount of the bet exceeds the money on the account. Player approves and authorizes the company to instruct the company accomplishing financial operations for managing placements and withdrawals from the account. Thus, player entitles the company to issue such instructions on his behalf. Company reserves the right to pause/stop any payment if there is a doubt or proof of fraud regarding the company software system.

    For the purposes of keeping the high security level and protecting the security of the player, company carries out irregular check-ups of the security system. Player acknowledges that company is entitled to request additional documentation for the player’s identification, in case of checking the security system. Player is obliged to place real money on his account for betting and receive the positive balance. Player can bet only with sufficient money on player’s account. Company is fully entitled for the following (at its discretion): to stop or block the payment on any event/series of events until the truth of each event is not proved by the relevant authorities. If active involvement in any event/series of events is proved by relevant authorities, company reserves the right to stop any bet at its discretion, which is made by the person having inside information for betting and/or refers to the third persons and acted in cooperation with them and/or is connected with such third person in any other way and company has reasonable doubt as such.

    Based on the specific game limitations, each player independently determines the amount of his bet. Effectiveness of game usage fully depends on the fact whether the player has the sufficient money or not for such betting. If such money is unavailable, player cannot bet. Bet is only specific money, which is approved and determined by the company. If internet connection is lost during the real money game or the game terminates for some other reason, you will be either compensated for your bet or game will continue from the moment it was continued, notwithstanding the game or game stage.

    Monetary unit – presently you can make bets and play in Georgian Lari (Gel). Betting is allowed with real money for the residents of the countries, where the games are not prohibited and are of full age pursuant to the legislation.

    Business place and legal relations between the company and player are regulated under the legislation of Georgia, place for fulfillment of all obligations is deemed the territory of Georgia. Any disputes between the parties are solved pursuant to the legislation of Georgia at the court of Georgia. By registering, player approves the special property rights (intellectual) on general rules and conditions, including the system company regulates. Present rules and conditions, including bet processing system and participating in games, which are regulated under the present rules and conditions are fully and duly protected by the author’s rights. Downloading of program code (logo, photo, video, audio, text, etc) of website is prohibited. Publishing, repeating or usage for any other purposes of the abovementioned code is strictly prohibited. Under the present rules and conditions, every player understands that time indicated at WWW.EUROPE-BET.COM for all events is within hourly format GTM +4, if other is not determined.

    Claim of players against the company for the damage/compensation incurred by him/her (namely, regarding system defaults, defects, system break downs, manipulation or errors in data transmission) shall not be accepted/reviewed other then the claims regarding rough negligence. Not with standing the above mentioned, responsibility of the company do not exceeds the bet or wining sum, which is to be paid, depending which sum is higher. Company does not bear responsibility for the errors of data entering, transmission or evaluation. Company reserves the right to correct vivid errors, such as: made during entering the coefficients and/or betting result evaluations (for example errors in coefficients, results, teams, etc) or declare the relevant bet as null and void. Company also does not bear the responsibility for the correctness, perfection and currency of the informational service. Notification about the results is sent electronically. Company also does not bear the responsibility for the correctness of the information, stats and midterm results for real time bets. Company reserves the right to annul the bet: if the bet is received as a result of technical error of the player and company can prove the fact of technical error(s) or mistake(s) by technical records. In case of any abovementioned case, bet money is returned on the account of the player. Company reserves the right to impose responsibility on the player for any damage if the player intentionally used such technical or administrative errors while placing the money on the account and/or receiving the money on the account. Company doesn’t take the responsibility for the damage incurred as a result of malicious usage of the account for betting. Company reserves the right to remove any player from any game at its discretion and not to give any explanation for such action. Company declares that placing a bet, participating in gambling and commercial games can be limited under the law and/or prohibited in different countries. Such limitation or prohibition can be used in case, when company owns the license for making a bet (license for betting or gambling). Thus, player must consider that if placing a bet and/or participating in gambling or commercial games is prohibited and/or allowed based only on specific conditions, which are contemplated under the present rules and conditions, responsibility for the damage incurred as a result of such case is only imposed on the player. Player must consider that the company is not obliged to provide the players with information, instruction or warning more than it is instructed under the present general rules and conditions. Company directly declares that it doesn’t give any consultations to the player in terms of tax payments.

    Player must consider that only the people being 18 years old and above are eligible to place a bet and/or participate in gambling and commercial games. Company is not responsible for the damage incurred to the player due to the violation of relevant legislative restriction applicable in his/her country. By placing a bet and/or participating in any game, player confirms that he is of minimal full age verified under the national legislation for participating in such games. Moreover, by placing a bet or participating in games, which includes the placement of a bet, player confirms that he has full capability at the moment of concluding an agreement with the company. Non-fulfillment of the given conditions shall incur the closing of the player’s account and annulling of all winnings.

    For participating in real money games at WWW.EUROPEBET.COM it is necessary to get registered as a player. For registration, player has to fill in every section of the application fully and correctly, including full name, personal number, place of residency, e-mail, DOB, sex, player’s nickname, password, secret question and answer. Company reserves the right to block the players indicating false data, also refuse to pay the winnings. At the request of the company, for identification purposes, player is obliged to present official document with a photo (passport, ID card copy). After successful registration, player has an active account through which he can make a bet and gain with real money. One player has only one account. Already registered users cannot register for the second time as new players with new names and/or new e-mails. If such rule is violated, company has right to annul all the bets, made by the player through such account. If there is a doubt of machination or fraud, or present general rules and conditions are violated, namely registration of multiple accounts by one player or participating in game simultaneously on behalf of several players, company reserves right to restrict the player to make a bet or participate in games. Notification will be send to relevant authorities in case of any illegal or doubtful actions.

    Password entered by the player after the registration on website is confidential and it is prohibited to give it to the third person, direct responsibility for the security of the password is imposed on the player. if the password is lost, delivered to the third persons in any form or stolen, responsibility is imposed on the player. Company reserves the right to reject the registration and/or real money games of the player at its discretion and thereby do not give any explanation for the above. Player must choose a nickname during the registration (name of the player). Player confirms that he shall not choose the name, which may represent the other and/or may violate the rights of third persons. Company reserves the right to reject the usage of the player’s name, which is inappropriate at the discretion of the company. Company reserves the right to terminate the registration of any player, which will use the name with violating of the general rules and conditions and/or company might consider as inappropriate. Player is responsible for all actions, which will be accomplished with the nickname/name and password of the player. Player is fully responsible for any unauthorized use of his registered e-mail as a result of which nickname/name and password of the player is disclosed to the third parties. After ending the game session, player takes obligation to log out from his profile. Player is responsible for any unauthorized use of his profile, even presenting/delivering it to the company during auto access, until the player does not notify the players’ support service of the company about such unauthorized use, via phone call and do not confirm the notification from registered e-mail. Player takes obligation to compensate all damages in favor of the company incurred as a result of actions accomplished through the player’s profile. If the player wants to change the user name in poker program, it is necessary to send the request to and attached the scanned copy of the ID card. Request must include 3 desirable username, with which the existing username will be replaced within 24 hours from sending the request. Once per 3 months, user can change the username in poker program and every other case is reviewed individually.

    While verifying the identification of the players, company is entitled to receive citizen’s ID Card or passport of Georgia in case of the citizen of Georgia and foreign country passport or ID Card or Georgian residence card in case of non-resident individual. Issuing country, authority of identification document of the foreign country citizen, full name of the document holder should be eligible in Latin symbols.

    Besides, company is entitled to receive new style driving license if the client is verified – with citizen’s ID Card or passport of Georgia in case of the citizen of Georgia and foreign country passport or ID Card or Georgian residence card in case of non-resident individual, via electronic system mode.

    If the balance at is used improperly and unfairly by the user, meaning filling of the balance via e-systems and other means and non-placement of part of the sum in EuropeBet system, company reserves the right:

    • to limit the balance usage for 48 hours for the user having the game history on website;
    • if the player has no game history on website to fine with 10% of withdrawn sum at the moment of withdrawal and block the user indefinitely.

    After revealing of improper and unfair usage of account, also for each coming case to fine the user with 10% of withdrawn sum. Company reserves the right to determine the percentage of gambling the sums based on user’s history and verify the gambling percentage individually. Considering the request/wish of the user, company is entitled to freeze the user’s account for the requested time and/or remove the block. User is not entitled to demand deleting of the registered account data or account.

    Notwithstanding the fact that our systems are equipped with high security standards, it is important that the user also has to take the security measures. We offer the following recommendations to our users for due security: for accessing our website, type the address in your web browser - WWW.EUROPE-BET.COM . We recommend not to use any other sources for accessing the system. Take caution regarding the spam e-mails. Do not download or open the links until you are not assured in their authenticity. Attention: avoid the letters demanding to send your personal data. Company will never demand to send the personal data via e-mail. Do not disclose the name or password of the player. None of our employees will request to share the password. Do not note and keep the password in computer. We advice you to regularly renew the password. If you have documented/reasonable doubt that the information regarding your access to control panel is compromised, immediately change the password and/or contact us. Leave the player’s personal control panel/system with the button “log out”. Install the antivirus on your PC or other internet security program and often check all files on viruses. Regularly update PC OS and web browser program for PC security.

    Company also reserves the right to terminate unverified users’ account due to security reasons, until the verification of their data, by presenting scanned copies of ID card or passport.

    Check available payment methods at home page of WWW.EUROPEBET.COM . Company reserves the right to change the limit either temporarily or indefinitely. Company reserves the right to demand the user to pay for any transaction. Player can freely use the positive balance at any time, at own discretion, except the money which is placed on current bet and/or current games. If money is deposited mistakenly on the account of the player, player is obliged to notify the company immediately. Any following won bet, which is made with mistakenly deposited sum either directly or indirectly will be annulled. If the money, which is deposited mistakenly is withdrawn from the account or used in lost games, company reserves the right to compensate the money in its favor from the money deposited by the player, in the future. Company reserves the right to check the player's deposits, and also demand the copies of the credit cards for the purposes of fighting against credit card frauds.

    While non-cash payment, player chooses desirable partner bank or e-deposit and transfers money from his account to the relevant plastic card account or e-deposit.

    Repayment feature is used in the Bank of Georgia and TBC bank processing systems.
    User can make a deposit with or without saving his/her bank credentials.

    Attaching bank card feature is activated by default, but the user can disable it manually.
    The user can see all used cards and can delete them anytime.
    For withdrawal the user has to have at least one card attached.

    There are limits while withdrawing from credit cards: namely, one can deposit money on personal balance for maximum 5 times from one card, per 24 hours and withdraw for 8 times (thereby sum of deposited money should not exceed 3000 and withdrawn sum of money 4000 Gels), maximum amount of single transaction is 1450 Gels. Winnings are being issued within 30 days from wining.

    If the player forgets the-email, indicated at registration, for its recovering purposes, player is entitled to contact the company via hotline and satisfy the following requirements:

    • If the account is not verified, user needs to scan or take a picture of his ID card and email at If ID card data coincides with the registered data, operator will remind email address to the user.
    • If the account is verified, user needs to name several data components, namely: first name, surname, DOB, place of residency (based on registration). If the answers of the user coincides with the registered data, operator will remind email address to the user.
    If the player wants to change the registered telephone number or email, player is entitled to contact the hotline of "Champions 111" Ltd and satisfy the following requirements:
    • If the account is not verified, user needs to scan or take a picture of his ID card and email at If ID card data coincides with the registered data, operator will receive the information about changing telephone number or email and will send to transaction control department at for changes.
    • If the account is verified, user needs to name several data components, namely: first name, surname, DOB, place of residency (based on registration). If the answers of the user coincides with the registered data, operator will receive the information about changing telephone number or email and will send to transaction control department at for changes.

    Player can make the above changes through internet cashier by applying the operator, which will send the user's request to

    Company doesn't bear responsibility for incorrectly transferred money. Only users bear such responsibility.

    All free bets and marketing bonuses issued by the company can be used only for placing a bet or while participating in a game and their transfer or withdrawal is forbidden. All marketing bets for placing a bet is kept in possession of the company until its first usage. Company reserves the right to annul any advertising actions without prior warning.

    Claim about account, about account extract or about the balance must be submitted within 30 days after publishing the results on website. If claim is not submitted, it is deemed that the player approves the balance on his/her account.

    Players are forbidden to use collective methods of playing. If there is a doubt that the players are using such tactics (plot), company is entitled to check/inspect and thus, to block (pause) accounts and money of such persons. Players acting as a team or towards whom there is a reasonable ground that they acted as a team, to withdraw the right of using the accounts for an indefinite period of time.

    Players do not have the right to communicate between each other for avoiding to give advices to other players or assure the player to choose specific tactics of playing. It is prohibited to use inappropriate, bad language or threat at the game table. All the decisions received by the company regarding any conflict, which needs situation control, explanation or interfering is final and obligatory.

    Any action, which is deemed by the company as fraud is strictly forbidden. Fraud includes, but not limited to the usage of stolen credit cards, submitting of false registration and/or other necessary data, falsification. Besides other measures under the present conditions, company can apply to the relevant authorities. If the company notices fraud or any other illegal actions of the player(s), investigation will be launched. Players in fraud or players towards which there is a reasonable ground of fraud will be deprived of using their accounts for an indefinite period of time. In case of fraud, company is entitled to confiscate all winnings received as a result of such illegal action. In case of player's fraud, incurring the damage/loss of the company, company is entitled to demand compensation. Player takes obligations not to try and use any kind of error, virus, default, defect or discrepancy (error), found in software for the purposes of gaining the priority or creating improper conditions for other players.

    Besides, in case of finding any such error, player takes obligation to notify players' support service. it is prohibited to use such software during playing at the website, which allows to analyze the rival or helps to accomplish the plot of the players, also any other software, which allows the player to accomplish frauds or gives the player unfair priority against the other players. Information on each player involved in fraud will be notified to the relevant authorities. If the present rules and conditions are violated, company can stop any game at any time or block the player for an indefinite period of time.

    We at Europebet (a brand name of Chempionebi 111 Limited) understand that using any online service involves significant trust on your part. We value your trust and your custom and make it a high priority to ensure you are aware of the purposes for which we will use your personal information (“Personal Information”) and the measures we take to keep your data secure confidential. Personal Information is any information about you and may include your name and address, date of birth, payment card details and any other information you may wish to provide. Europebet will attempt to ensure that its use of your Personal Information is compliant with data protection and privacy regulations in the countries where we operate and the purpose of this Privacy Statement is to ensure that you are informed of our use of your Personal Information.

    How is your Personal Information collected by Europebet?


    We receive and store any Personal Information you enter on our website or give us in any other way, including via any App. You will be asked to provide your Personal Information for the purposes of registering with Europebet and opening an account with us.
    We automatically collect session information about your computer or hand held device when you visit this website or use our App(s). We use this automatic information to customize your user experience; to inhibit fraud; to serve advertisements, special offers and other information that may be of interest to you; and for other legitimate purposes we bring to your attention. For more information, please see our “Cookies Policy”.

    Where you provide a telephone number within your Personal Information you consent to europebet contacting you by telephone to improve the services we offer to you and to let you know about special offers or to update you on your account with Europebet generally. We may record such calls for quality and training purposes.

    Social media:

    If you make use of any Europebet social media features, either on our website, through an App or otherwise through a social media provider, we may access information about you via that social media provider in accordance with their policies.

    3rd parties:

    We also may obtain both personal and non-personal information about you from affiliated entities, business partners and other independent third-party sources and add it to our account information. Examples of information we may receive include: contact information, purchase history, and demographic information. When we collect information about you from a third party, we ensure that appropriate consent has been obtained. By transacting on our website or through our Apps, you agree that we may collect such information for fraud prevention purposes.

    How will we use your Personal Information

    We use sensitive billing information (such as cardholder name, credit card number, and expiration date) for the purpose of providing you with our services on our website or through our App(s). We use other information about you for the following general purposes: to provide you with the products and services you request; maintaining our own accounts and records; to communicate with you in general; to respond to your questions and comments; monitoring website usage levels and quality of service; to measure interest in and improve our products, services, website and our Apps; to notify you about special offers and products or services that may be of interest to you; to otherwise customize your experience with this website or our Apps; to reward you as part of any reward and recognition program you choose to join; to solicit information from you, including through surveys; to resolve disputes, collect fees, or troubleshoot problems; to prevent potentially prohibited or illegal activities; to enforce our Terms and Conditions; and as otherwise described to you at the point of collection

    Disclosing your Personal Information

    Your Personal Information may, for the purposes described above, be transferred or disclosed by us to any associated company which is a member of our group of companies known as the Betsson Group or a business partner which is well placed to process your Personal Information for the purposes described in this Privacy Statement. We and these companies may from time to time retain third parties to process your Personal Information for the purposes and such processing will be governed by a contract in the form required by law. Where required by law or regulation your personal data may also be disclosed to an applicable governmental, regulatory or enforcement authority.


    By providing your Personal Information and registering with us or logging on with us when you enter the website, you freely consent to Chempionebi 111 LLC processing and disclosing your Personal Information for the purposes and otherwise in the manner set out in this Policy. Only designated departments within the group will process to your personal data, such as Customer Service, Payments & Fraud, AML analyst and Compliance. If you wish to qualify, vary, modify or limit your consent in any way then please notify us using the details shown on the "Contact Us" pages of our Website.

    General information

    The Betsson Group includes all direct and indirect subsidiaries and related companies wherever located in the world as may exist from time to time.

    In the event that the purposes for processing your Personal Information change, then we will notify you as soon as practicable and seek any additional consent that may be required.

    For full details about Betsson Group members, where they operate or for a copy of your Personal Information or any other queries you may have about our data protection policy please contact Europebet. Again, our contact details are located in the "Contact Us" pages of our Website.

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    Microsoft Cookies guide
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    Employees, license holders, providers, branches and affiliates of the Company are not allowed to participate in games. Person who participates in games is called a "player". Launching of the software by the player, opening, using and reusing of the account, participation in games and receiving of winnings means that the player declares, acknowledges and approves the following: player acknowledges that the software may contain the errors and defects. If player knows that the software has some errors or defects, player takes responsibility not to use them for receiving any kind of profit/benefit. Besides, if players knows about such errors or defects, he/she is obliged to notify the company immediately.

    Persons are not allowed to place a bet on events, when they are part of such events (participants mean the people, who participate in sport events, like sportsman, owners, couches), including the third parties following their instructions. If such rule is violated, company is authorized to refuse issuing of the winning, also it can annul such bet. Player placing a bet, approves that he is aware of such outcome. Bet is received to be placed when such company approves the same.

    Company reserves the right to propose any amendment to the present terms and conditions at any time. Every time when a player opens the account, uses this account (either initially or repeatedly), places a bet, participates in offered games or receives any price, player approves the current version of the general rules and conditions, including any amendment or addition, which may time to time proposed to the general rules and conditions.

    Player agrees that for being updated regarding the general terms and conditions, he/she will often visit the company website WWW.EUROPE-BET.COM, at least once per year.

    In case of discrepancies regarding the explanation or translation of the general rules and conditions, the Georgian version of the general rules and conditions will prevail.

    Ignorance of the rules is not the reason for terminating the bet and/or agreement and pursuant to the present rules; it doesn’t exempt the player from obligations. Present rules take effect as soon as it is published.

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