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    Rules for poker



    Tournament is a poker game in which players start with an equal number of chips and continue to play until one player has collected all of the chips.

    Tournament is the most thrilling part of the poker game allowing considerably increase one's bank.

    Each tournament has a buy-in as well as a fee. Minimum buy-in is put into the prize pool of the tournament, fee is kept by The size of the prize pool depends on the number of participants playing in the tournament and will be completely paid to the winners.

    Each player is dealt the cards. The player having the highest card combination starts the game as a dealer. Each player's goal is to collect as many chips as possible. Players who lose all their chips leave the game.

    TYPE OF TOURNAMENTS offers two types of tournaments:

    1. Scheduled: These tournaments have a fixed time of starting and always are announced in advance. Player has to register to take part in tournament. The registration closing time is announced in the lobby and ended usually a few minutes before the tournament start.
    There are many types of tournaments which can be considered as scheduled, for example Regular Buy-in tournaments, guaranteed tournaments, Freeroll tournaments, etc.

    Guaranteed tournament is a tournament with guaranteed prize pool. The wining sum is fixed and does not depend on the number of players. To start the tournament the minimum number of players is necessary.

    Freeroll tournament mean that player's participation is free of charge; the prize pool is provided by Casino. Freeroll tournaments are held to attract new players or for those players who have played a specified numbers of hands and allow to win without money investing.

    2. Sit and Go - These tournaments are available 24/7. They start as soon as the number of registered players amounts to a specified level. The standard poker tournament rules apply to all tournaments in addition to any rules which apply to a particular tournament.


    To take part in tournament a player has to make the payment consisting of Buy-In and Fee.


    Payout structure is dependent on the number of players.


    Blind Structure is dependent on the achieved level.


    If tournament is cancelled because of technical reasons, any players who were eliminated before cancellation will lose their buy-in and entry fee. Remaining players will have their buy-in and entry fee refunded. The buy-in monies from the players already eliminated will be evenly divided between the remaining players, regardless of the chip standing at the time of cancellation.


    If tournament is cancelled because of technical reasons, any players who were eliminated before cancellation will lose their buy-in and entry fee.
    Remaining players will be refunded:
    The prize money that would be awarded to the next eliminated player from the tournament will be awarded to all remaining players at the time of cancellation
    Of the prize pool left after distribution according to point 1, 50% will be distributed equally between all remaining players and 50% will be distributed on a percentage basis according to chip count at the time of cancellation.
    Also the player's entry fee.


    Disconnect protection is not available in any Sit & Go, Single-Table tournament, Multi-Table tournaments. Your hand will automatically be folded if you lose your connection.


    Rakeback - is well known bonus system, worldwide.That means return of rake, or fee, which Europebet takes from each bet of a player. For the Player Rakeback is additional benefit, which increases final prize and makes playing more engaging.

    • uses Contributed rakeback, which is most advanced type.
    • Each player gets rakeback in % of bet amount and not the whole pot.
    • While folding in preflop, rakeback is not charged.
    • Rakeback at depends on the VIP Level of player.
    • Rakeback percent according to VIP level:

    • Rakeback is charged in component points (VIP Points). Any time, player can transfer his points into real money.
    • 100 points = 1 GEL.
    • Minimum amount for transfer is 500 points (5 GEL).
    • Also this points can be used for buy-in at tournaments.
    • Rakeback is charged only at tables with blinds 0,05/0,10 and more.

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