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    Light up odds and cashout before the explosion

    Place a bet in new game and cashout in time to get your winning


    Win instantly

    0.10₾ amount 0.10₾

    Play from 10 Tetris

    500₾ amount 500₾

    Increase the winning on higher limits

    50 000₾

    Max. winning 50 000₾

    Win the highest prize in Georgia


    main bet



    Auto bet


    100 X

    Auto Cashout

    Control the game and cashout on odd defined by you

    Auto bet

    Develop your logic and manage the game automatically

    Snatch a Jackpot

    The jackpot will be equally divided between players, who:

    • Made a bet - min. 1₾
    • Used cashout on a odd - min. 1.2
    Terms and Conditions


    • Minimal bet amount - 0.10₾; Maximal - 500₾.

    • The height of the firework varies from 1 to infinity.

    • The winning equals to the bet multiplied by the height of the firework. Max. winning per bet - 50 000₾.

    • The player loses if he/she doesn’t cashout before the explosion.

    • A player can make only one bet per round.

    • The jackpot will drop randomly. The jackpot will be equally divided between participating players, who:

      • Made a minimum 1₾ bet

      • Didn’t cashout on the odd less than 1.2

    • Winnings will automatically be credited to the player’s balance.
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